April is Testicular Cancer Awareness ​Month, y'all! And to celebrate, Pornhub.com is using a half-naked woman with a sex toy to trick men into screening themselves for the disease.

Charlotte Stokely, who you probably know as the Internet’s 798th most popular adult actress, stars in a new video titled “Charlotte Stokely teaches you how​ to last longer.” But rather than teaching men how to last in the bedroom, Stokely’s goal is teaching men how to not die of ball cancer.

Users who click on the video will find Stokely in her bra and panties fondling a sex toy. So far, so good. But then comes the ol’ switch-a-roo!

Press your testicles in the palm of your hand… Next, one testicle at a time, put between your thumb and finger and rub. If you feel a strange lump, or a change in shape or consistency, call a specialist in oncology.

Early detection will help you last longer… in life.

If you’d like to see the NSFW video for yourself, click here. If your boss catches you, just tell him or her you’re trying to prevent ball cancer. That should do the trick.

To learn more about Testicular Cancer via a hardcore NSFW video site, visit Pornhub.com/event/save-the-balls. If you’d like all the information without all the smut, visit the Testicular Cancer Society.

If you need something to watch while you fondle your sack…

(H/T: Motherboard)