The Canadian city of Toronto, North America’s fifth largest city, and its mayor, Rob Ford, have been an international news sensation for more than a year thanks to Ford’s utterly unexpected and generally loopy exploits. His escapades are numerous and include being temporarily ousted from office for violating conflict of interest laws, tearing up new bike lanes, stating it’s “their own fault” if cyclists are killed by cars, skipping Gay Pride Parade events, allegedly showing up drunk to formal events like the Garrison Ball in honor of the military and veterans, allegedly telling a female staffer “I want to eat your pussy” then explaining to the media he’d never say such a thing because “I have more than enough to eat at home,” and being videotaped smoking crack cocaine…twice. Ford is currently in rehab but is running for reelection in the fall mayoral election.

Ford faces stiff competition from more than 40 registered candidates running against him, but Toronto’s most distinctive mayoral contender is Nikki Benz, a pornstar and actress who’s performed in over 200 adult movies such as Anal Dream Team, Girls Who Want Girls and a multitude of scenes for Internet porn giant, Benz has also landed a slew of crossover roles in mainstream fare like the TV series Cubed and the Mark Walberg movie Pain & Gain. Though she works out of California, she’s originally from Toronto and still has residency in that city, and now she’s returned to attempt to lead the Toronto into a new era. spoke to Benz about her run for mayor and about her platform. What are the top three reasons the people of Toronto should vote for you?

Nikki Benz: The top three reasons the people of Toronto should vote for me are:

  1. I am honest. I am transparent: what you see with me is what you get. I don’t have a hidden agenda. I currently get naked for a living, and that’s as honest as they come. I plan to use those same concepts in politics: honesty and transparency.

  2. I care! I care about the people of Toronto, I’m a humanitarian. My motivation for success is keeping people satisfied.

  3. I give back. I will donate half of my salary as Mayor of Toronto to a cause the people of Toronto care about. I will hear them out, and with their help, I will decide on where to donate my salary. This is just another way I will show Toronto that I care. Part of your announced platform is making National Masturbation Day a city holiday. If you become mayor, how will Toronto celebrate National Masturbation Day?

Benz: Part of my platform is making National Masturbation Day a formal city holiday by giving the hardworking people of Toronto a day off to celebrate their human right for self-pleasure. Masturbation is natural, healthy and makes for happy people. I want all residents of Toronto to be happy and healthy. It’s a day for the people of Toronto to celebrate themselves!


(Photos courtesy Do you see any similarities between the job of mayor and that of a pornstar? What skills and knowledge will you transfer from your 11 years in adult entertainment to politics?

Benz: Porn, in a lot of ways, is like politics. By that I don’t mean we both screw people for a living; there is a lot more to it than meets the naked eye. I run and operate my own corporation, Nikki Benz Inc., and I produce content for my own website. All of which means I have good organization skills and I am capable of managing a large workload.

As one of the world’s most popular adult film stars and one of Brazzers’ favorites, I have certain duties to fulfill. I make appearances at conventions, book store signings and so forth. That means I have good people skills, I’m charismatic and I have a lasting presence. I also do my fair share of radio, TV and magazine interviews, which means that as Mayor of Toronto, I would carry myself in a classy and professional way, unlike some of my fellow candidates. Please explain your plans to reform and improve Toronto’s public transit.

Benz: Toronto’s public transit definitely needs a facelift. I plan on improving traffic by cutting the commute time of my fellow hardworking Torontonians. I plan on fully supporting and raising funds for the Relief Line. I encourage my fellow Torontonians to read up and sign at Many pundits are predicting Rob Ford may drop out of the race. Have you scoped out the rest of the competition? Are you ready to take them on?

Benz: I have scoped out the rest of the competition and they don’t scare me. My biggest opponent is Rob Ford, as he is still in the run for mayoral reelection. I commend Rob Ford for entering rehab, but that’s like putting a bandage on a wound—full recovery takes years of dedication, commitment and hard work towards sobriety. My concern with Ford is that he entered rehab for treatment of substance abuse, and statistically speaking the success rate of any substance abuse program is poor. For instance, the 12-step program has a five to 10 percent success rate, which isn’t very high. Rob Ford needs to realize that he will need more time to work on his demons: a weekend, a week or even a month in rehab won’t cut it. The people of Toronto need to keep that in mind if they want to reelect him. Rob Ford may very well relapse upon his release from rehab. With me, the people of Toronto don’t have to worry about that; I don’t have a substance abuse problem, nor have I even entered rehab for anything. You’ve been living away from Toronto for your career. Are you still enough of a Torontonian to lead the city?

Benz: I visit Toronto all the time as I have residency, family and friends in Toronto. I am very much in tune with my city, which, I may add, is one of the greatest cities in the world! Do you think porn production is good for the economy? And do you plan on developing the adult film industry in Toronto?

Benz: Yes, I believe the adult industry will boost the economy in Toronto. It will create jobs not only for adult performers, directors and crew, but also for property owners of Toronto and its surrounding areas. The adult film industry producers will need to rent out locations, which pays very well. Makeup artists, hair stylists, stylists and wardrobe, licensing permits for filming, all of which are costs that will benefit Toronto and Torontonians in every financial way. If carefully placed with safe and strict regulations, the adult film industry can benefit the city of Toronto. I am a firm believer in that. Mayor Ford has had a poor record on gay rights and has been criticized for skipping out on official Gay Pride events in Toronto. What will you do to reach out to the gay community?

Benz: I believe in equality year-round, not just during the Gay Pride Parade. I will continue to hear out the gay community’s concerns, and I will make sure their concerns are addressed. It’s a matter of fairness, happiness and safety for all residents of Toronto. Equality is very important to me. As Mayor of Toronto, I will fully support the Gay Pride Parade, and I plan to be in attendance each and every year.