Oregonian stoners, from Eugene to Portland, from the pines of Mount Hood to the beaches of Lincoln, I bring great news. Marijuana is (slightly more) legal in your state.

We say “slightly legal” because of course, there are new rules to regulate how you can ingest your weed, and how much you can possess. Oregon’s State Liquor Commission, the state body handling these fresh sets of laws, created the video above to simply explain these directives to even the most stoned of Cascadians.

CNN has a simple explanation of your new dos and do nots.

Legalization means that you can possess and use marijuana if you are 21 or older. You can have up to 8 ounces in your home and grow up to four plants, if they’re kept out of public view.

Oregon residents also can carry up to an ounce outside your house, but it’s still illegal to smoke it in public. That’s why puffing up in downtown Portland to celebrate legalization is illegal – sort of like drinking in public.

For now, sales of pot aren’t legal because the state hasn’t created legislation determining how it can be sold, but that’s set to change sometime next year. For now, weed can only be given away, but like, sharing is caring man, so it’s cool.

Portland Police Department

Portland Police Department

Portland PD created a handy donut-to-drugs size chart, and any additional questions can probably be answered in this article from The Oregonian that serves as a comprehensive FAQ detailing all the specifics surrounding this pot policy.

Toke up, Oregon. 4/20 is only 295 days away.

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