The problem with a dealer dropping off weed at your pad is that, if the wrong place or time, you have to come up with a new identity for him (“Oh, this is Gary from work/Roger from down the street/some grown man I’m supporting through a charity you’ve never heard of”). But that’s all done now, thanks to Potbox, a luxury weed-delivery startup.

As a “premium cannabis subscription club,” Potbox promises to remove all the problems that come with purchasing medicinal marijuana online. That means no lines, no gimmicks. It’s just high-quality bud that’s ethically grown on a farm in Santa Cruz, where the locals know what they’re doing. Subscribers receive two strains each month, complete with two pre-rolled joints, always delivered in stylish packaging by a trusted Potbox employee.

In addition to a dedication to sustainable practices and all-natural farming, the founders—Austin Heap, Ian Buczkowski, and Evrett Kramer—are all about transparency. Subscribers get official lab results with chemical levels, along with cards about the strain’s location, species, and genetics.

It’s like any wine club your parents have joined, except it’s weed. You can tell Potbox what strain you like or don’t like, and you can gift a subscription for what would obviously be the coolest white elephant gift of all time at Christmas.

Right now, the service only operates in San Francisco, but the crew is piloting a test program in Los Angeles. Fingers crossed it goes well, making for a very bright (green) future.