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No doubt, this has been one of the strangest and most taxing presidential elections in recent history. It’s day two of a new world and as the country continues to process the election, tens of thousands are flooding the streets in major cities across America to protest its outcome. New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and others have hosted organized demonstrations over the last two evenings with young and old alike.

So far, news outlets like CNN, MSNBC and Fox News have reported vandalism at these protests, including graffiti and property damage. But 25-year-old photographer Jacob Moss, who snapped pictures in downtown Los Angeles last night, had another point of view—and he criticizes the media for ignoring it.

“Yes, there was graffiti damage to cars, but what hasn’t been covered on the news are the many protestors who stopped marching in an attempt to clean off the graffiti,“ says Moss. "Dozens did the same to the small amounts of vandalism on property. There were a few bad apples—individuals who brought fireworks to light off during the protest—but the reality is that these protests comprised a group of peaceful marchers who want their voices to be heard now more than ever before.”

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