Of all the glorious things the Internet has given us, the active ability to vicariously live through others has to be among the top ranked. So while you’re sitting at home, running errands, or stuck in traffic, propping up your attention with the endless scroll, climber David Lama (an Austrian) and tag-team partner Conrad Anker (an American) went out and filmed themselves taking on the 6,907-meter Lunag Ri Mountain. That’s a big, big deal, literally and figuratively, because they’re the first to make it to the top part of the gigantic beast.

Red Bull recently released the point-of-view video of their insane trek, with Lama and Anker making history by reaching the upper section of the 4-mile high mountain range that’s tucked between Nepal and Tibet. Lunag Ri is mean and monstrous, so while this is historical, the duo couldn’t make it to the true summit because of limited time among gnarly weather conditions. But we get to feel like part of the unreal experience because not only did they pull off this incredible feat, they did it with a camera atop their head. Now try to think of the coolest thing you’ve done in the last month.