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Powdered Alcohol Is Now Legal

Powdered Alcohol Is Now Legal: Palcohol


The way we consume alcohol is about to completely change.

The federal Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau has approved four kinds of Palcohol powdered alcohol. The powder comes in a small paper pouch and is meant to be reconstituted with water like Tang. You could theoretically take the lightweight pouches anywhere liquid alcohol is not allowed like in public parks, beaches, concerts, even on airplanes. The four varieties that were approved are powdered vodka, rum, cosmopolitans and margaritas.

Even though Palcohol is now legal nationally, states can control its sale within their own borders, and several, including Colorado, have already indicated that they would ban it. Critics say powdered alcohol could be abused by underage drinkers, snorted, or used to easily spike cocktails of unsuspecting drinkers. The founder of Palcohol says states are only against his product because it is in competition with the strong liquor lobbies. He is ramping up production now and hopes to have the four approved varieties plus a Lemon Drop flavor on the market this summer.



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