While much has been said about the virtues of a sharp chef’s knife, the blender remains a secret, high-powered weapon in the manly culinary arsenal. Step into a professional kitchen during dinner prep and chances are you’ll find a blender on duty, often a Vitamix ($450). It’s also the brand you’ll find on the back bars of upscale watering holes, in the homes of professional bodybuilders and anywhere a man needs to consume something liquefied, fortifying and on a regular basis. The reasons are twofold: First, it’s blisteringly fast, with steel blades that approach 240 miles an hour; second, it’s nearly indestructible, with a high-impact pitcher and a two-horsepower motor that refuses to burn out. Gentlemen, start your blenders.

Four ways to blast your blender

Blast up a batch of frozen margaritas, or make snowy ice for boozy snow cones.

Paleo Power
Blend your own nut and seed flours to bake like a caveman.

Souper Man
Combine your favorite vegetables and blend them till they’re steaming hot. (Yes, it produces enough friction to do that.) No stove required.

Smoothie Move
The viciously powerful vortex can turn any protein shake into a silky smooth elixir.