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Exit Clear

Prank Caller Uses ‘Fallout 4’ Dialogue to Try to Sell Fallout Shelters

Fallout 4 pretty much starts with an annoying salesman knocking on the player character’s door. It’s actually a clever way of finishing up the game’s character creation process by having players answer a series of questions, but at the end of the day, the dialogue is a lot like a telemarketing call. So YouTuber ICEnJAM used it to actually prank call people.

With the help of dialogue recordings and the power of Skype, ICEnJAM called actual folks in the video above and pretended to try to sell them Fallout shelters from Fallout 4’s ubiquitous Vault-Tec company. One call manages to go on so long that it transitions into the SAFE test, a series of questions administered in one Fallout 4 town to tell actual people apart from androids who might try to enter the town posing as human.

Unfortunately, nobody who fields the call gets to purchase their own mutant-proof shelter by the end of it.

Via Kotaku.

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