Blockbuster season is officially over, and the holiday rush is not yet upon us, so things are slightly quiet on the movie trailer front. Fear not, though. We’ve still got a few things to look forward to. There’s even a superhero movie.

A teenage boy discovers that his long-lost scientist father uncovered incredible hidden abilities, and now those abilities have been passed on to him. So, with the help of an alien robot, he learns how to become a superhero. This looks so predictable, but I can’t deny the sheer sense of glee it exudes.

Fresh off charming the awards circuit after his breakout performance in Room, Jacob Tremblay is switching gears a bit for this thriller in which he plays a mysterious boy Naomi Watts must save at all costs. Here’s hoping his rise continues.

Thomas Haden Church has always seemed a little underrated to me, so here’s hoping this film proves me right. Church stars as a homeless street fighter who tries to turn his nlife around after finding an old diary. Provided it doesn’t take the easy way, this could really be something.

Rob Zombie is back this Halloween to indulge your sick brains with another piece of pure depravity. What’s it about? Well…just watch.

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