With a future featuring US President Donald Trump seeming like a distinct possibility, artists have turned to various media to warn the world about what they see as the bleak version of “great” Trump would make America again.

For one artist, the medium is brick-building game ‘Minecraft.’

PlanetMinecraft user Jossieboy delved into the low-res but extremely versatile game to create his version of what a Trump-led United States might look like. The map is titled “No Future.” You’re probably getting the gist, and it’s definitely not subtle.

The map depicts a homeless man living in Donald Trump’s America, which kind of looks like Detroit in Robocop or Los Angeles in Predator 2—that is, not good. Jossieboy writes in the description of the map that the idea is to get people in the US thinking about who they’re voting for, because a Trump presidency wouldn’t just be bad for the country, but for the whole world.

Minecraft players can visit Jossieboy’s bleak-as-hell, Biff Tannen alternate 1985 idea of a Trump future by downloading the map here.

Via Kotaku