OUT Magazine just named President Barack Obama “Ally of the Year” for its OUT100 issue. That Obama - always making history.

“This is the first time a sitting president has been photographed for the cover of an LGBT title,” writes OUT editor-in-chief Aaron Hicklin, “a historic moment in itself, and a statement on how much his administration has done to advance a singularly volatile issue that tarnished the reputations of both President Clinton and President Bush.”

With the cover comes an interview from him about Kim Davis, the first gay person he ever met and how foreign policy can play a role in helping the LGBT community around the world.

On when he decided LGBT equality would be a focus for his administration:

This really goes back to when I was a kid, because my mom instilled in me the strong belief that every person is of equal worth. At the same time, growing up as a black guy with a funny name, I was often reminded of exactly what it felt like to be on the outside. One of the reasons I got involved in politics was to help deliver on our promise that we’re all created equal, and that no one should be excluded from the American dream just because of who they are.

On Sasha and Malia’s generation and their attitudes on homosexuality:

My sense is that a lot of parents across the country aren’t going to want to sit around the dinner table and try to justify to their kids why a gay teacher or a transgender best friend isn’t quite as equal as someone else. That’s also why it’s so important to end harmful practices like conversion therapy for young people and allow them to be who they are. The next generation is spurring change not just for future generations, but for my generation, too. As president, and as a dad, that makes me proud. It makes me hopeful.

On Kim Davis:

I am a man of faith and believe deeply in religious freedom, but at the end of the day, nobody is above the rule of law — especially someone who voluntarily takes an oath to uphold that law. That’s something we’ve got to respect.

To read the full interview, check it out here.

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