Yesterday President Barack Obama, leader of the free world, shocked and offended the nation. His transgression: Death panels? The NSA’s privacy incursions? BENGHAZI?!?! No, the abject sartorial blunder of his beloved tan suit. John Boehner is drawing up articles of impeachment.

The biggest question any of us could have is “Did Michelle Obama know Barack would be leaving the house in that suit?” My gut reaction is, no, there’s no way the most stylish First Lady this side of Jackie O would allow the most powerful man in the world walk out the White House residence in that tan suit.

But the worst part of the suit isn’t that it’s tan—though the color is a little bit washed out. It is summer, after all, in D.C. and damnit a black or blue suit can be hot. What’s so wrong about his suit is that the cut is so early 2000s and that where the tan hurts him, it’s much easier to see the flaws in the cut with a light suit. To pull off a tan suit like the one he wore yesterday the President needed a little bit slimmer lapel and not so baggy a fit. To be honest, it looks like he grabbed a suit out of the closet that had been hanging out from back when he first ran for Senate in 2004. Well, at least the suit isn’t as bad as his dad jeans.

Oh, and in that same press conference Obama said we don’t have a plan to combat the murderous terrorist organization ISIS, so, that’s not good either.

Jeremy Repanich is a Senior Editor at Playboy. Follow him on Twitter @racefortheprize.