A few days ago Alex Hirsch, a cartoonist and the creator of the Disney XD show Gravity Falls, found himself drawing Pokemon while listening to a presidential debate. In a moment of “you got your chocolate in my peanut butter” serendipity, Hirsch created greatness.

Just look at it:

After that initial take on Democratic candidate and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, Hirsch ran with the idea and turned out even more Pokecandidates, sharing them on Twitter. Then he went ahead and started assigning them Pokemon-like joke attributes. The description for Burnie: “004 ‘Burnie’ TYPE: Fire/Grandpa ATTACKS: Yuge Fireball, WEAKNESS: Attacks only damage the top 1% of HP”.

“'Schmuck’ #089 Type: Poison/Garbage ATTACK: Mud Sling. DEFENSE: Builds a wall WEAKNESS: Fact Check”

Gravity Falls animator Dana Terrace also got in on the action with “HypnoCruz” and what seems to be a Sanders version of Psyduck.

A day later and after popular demand, Hirsch returned to Twitter with a few more candidates.

“'HillarFree’ #012 TYPE: Flight. ATTACKS: Dodge, Cackle. WEAKNESS: Email.”

“'Carzzzon’ #143 Type: Normal. ATTACKS: Nap, Knife Slash WEAKNESS: Reality. EVOLUTION: None. Doesn’t believe in it.”

Not sure if anyone has called any of the candidates about this, but the first one to make a quick deal with Hirsch and Nintendo will have finally found a way to get the kids to vote.