Everybody wants to play games at work instead of actually working, but it can be hard to fire up World of Warcraft and still pretend like you’re totally about to finish those TPS reports.

You might have an easier time goofing off at work in the future, though, with the help of Redditor crruzi, who created a working version of alien invasion game XCOM that runs in Excel. It’s suitably low-res, being made with programming language Visual Basic to run in a spreadsheet program, but it’s still pretty damn impressive.

XCOM has players moving a squad of soldiers around a battlefield to fight alien enemies, and that part is recreated fairly faithfully in crruizi’s game, which is dubbed EXLCOM. The soldiers’ stats and abilities, like sniping or assaulting positions, are randomized because the game doesn’t (yet) include the full version’s strategy elements, but the actual battle parts are there, including explosives and cover that can be destroyed. It even has a level editor!

EXLCOM is set between 2012’s excellent XCOM: Enemy Unknown and the upcoming XCOM 2, so if you’re looking for a fix that you might not have to frantically minimize whenever your boss happens past your desk, you can download it here. You can also check out more images and learn more about crruizi’s work from their Imgur post.