“Pretty Little Liars” star Lucy Hale is all grown up, and showing her dark side in a series of new photos shot by James Lee Wall and featured in V Magazine

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Speaking with the magazine, Lucy spoke at length about how she felt now that she’s wrapping up on “Pretty Little Liars” and where she imagines she’s headed next in her career.

James Lee Wall for V Magazine

James Lee Wall for V Magazine

“I’ll be done next October with ["Pretty Little Liars”] forever, which is exciting, but also scary at the same time because it’s the next chapter of my life and so I’m really looking forward to exploring different and darker roles.“

While appreciative of the success she’s found as a part of the show, she hopes that she’ll soon be able to find another opportunity to share her gift. Lucy is set to star in an indie film this spring, albeit one a bit darker and raunchier than most would assume.

"You know, the fans of the show have sort of grown up with me, so it’s a movie they can watch, but we’ll push the envelope a little bit on it. It’s a movie that’s got a lot of heart, and morals, but the language! I get to drop the f-bomb every other line, which will be fun. This will be my first lead in a movie, which will be very exciting for me.”

James Lee Wall for V Magazine

James Lee Wall for V Magazine

“When people see you on TV every week, they just associate you with that character. They truly believe that I am Aria. People meet me on the street and assume that I’m really naïve and really young. I think people are always shocked to realize ‘Oh my god, this girl’s a woman, she’s 26 years old!’”

She’s certainly looking less like the teen soap star she came up as in these photos, and we’re absolutely looking forward to whatever Lucy decides to take on next.

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