President of the United States is a rough gig, but it’s not without perks. You get the big house, your own plane, a personal chef, and if you’re Barack Obama, you can apparently just call up Prince and get him to play a secret gig for you and your friends.

Yes, it seems Barack and Michelle Obama managed to organize and host a very private 500-guest party at the White House on Saturday, and His Royal Badness provided the entertainment (with a little help from Stevie Wonder). The party was apparently so secret that even Washington D.C. reporters weren’t aware of it until Al Sharpton had to go and brag about the get together on Twitter.

Once the news got out, there were naturally a few concerns from jealous people who weren’t at the show about taxpayer money being spent on such a shindig, but White House press secretary Josh Earnest clarified Monday that the Obamas “did it on their own dime.”

We don’t know how long the show lasted, or what the setlist looked like, but in my head Prince convinced the President to sing the dirty breakdown in “Gett Off,” then strutted over to the Situation Room to deal with ISIS by his damn self.