Buying an island—like, an island island—is no longer an activity enjoyed exclusively by the obscenely rich. Sure, you’ll still need a good chunk of change to complete the transaction, but if you can afford a modest mansion or a lavish set of wheels, you can easily snatch up your own private piece of paradise without completely breaking the bank. Plus, you’ll hold the ultimate trump card over all your non-island-having friends. And that’s what’s truly important.

The 10 enclaves on this list can all be yours for $1 million or less. Just remember to invite us to your island-warming party, okay?

[Vladi Private Islands](

Vladi Private Islands

The price: $800,000
The location: Chile
The size: 4.9 acres
The specs:__ This wooded lake island lies in the heart of Chile’s Mapuche region. When you’re not snagging salmon from the shore, hop in the complementary motorboat and cruise to the nearby hot springs or the Villarrica volcano, where you can ski right down the slopes. Need directions? Just ask the manager who comes with the island.



The price: $995,000
The location: Roatan, Honduras
The size: 6 acres
The specs: You’ll find nary a neighboring resort within miles of this Honduran gem, which makes for untapped reefs and walls—prime for dazzling diving. The solar-powered living quarters are modest, but there is a beastly, custom-built aluminum dive boat with your name on it.
[Vlaudi Private Islands](

Vlaudi Private Islands

The price: $1 million
The location: Lake Nipissing, Ontario, Canada
The size: 6 acres
The specs: Move the whole family to this sprawling estate, which offers spectacular lakeside views and includes enough log cabins (13 total bedrooms) to house your entire clan for an epic reunion weekend—or indefinite stay. And there’s plenty of landing area for a plane, in case anyone wants to arrive in style.

The price: $800,000
The location: Roxas, Palawan, Philippines
The size: 15 acres
The specs: Sorry, Packers fans—wrong Green Bay. But we’d trade the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field for 15 acres of pristine white sand any day. There’s nowhere to stay—yet—but plenty to do until you break ground, including kayaking through mangroves, snorkeling next to colorful tropical fish, and picking fresh coconuts from the myriad trees on the property.

The price: $725,000
The location: Potagannissing Bay, Michigan
The size: 15 acres
The specs: If you’re a nature fiend, you’ll never want to leave this rural paradise that sits squarely in the middle of Potagannissing Bay, near the Canadian border. (The good news? You won’t have to.) The endless woods are a hiker’s dream, and the cozy 3-bedroom home on the southern end of the island is the perfect place to rest for the night before you hit the great outdoors again tomorrow.

The price: $950,000
The location: West of Ambergris Caye, Belize
The size: 7 acres
The specs: Ambergris Caye houses the longest barrier reef in the western hemisphere, but you won’t just live next door to grouper and barracuda—you might also be within a stone’s throw of Leonardo di Caprio, who’s rumored to own nearby Blackadore Island. Balam isn’t developed yet, but maybe you can room with Leo until your dream house is built.
[Vlaudi Private Islands](

Vlaudi Private Islands

The price: $650,000
The location: Moorehead City, Core Sound, North Carolina
The size: 4 acres
The specs: If you’re going to buy a place called Bachelor Island, you better invite your buddies to your turf and party hard. Round up the troops for a weekend of swimming, fishing, boating, boozing, and shooting the shit around the campfire before retreating to one of three cabins to sleep off your hangover.

The price: $920,000
The location: Shannon Estuary, Ireland
The size: 30 acres
The specs: If you need a good place just to sit, think, and drink by yourself, you could do far worse than this massive piece of land nestled between Limerick and Clare, which is currently being used for cattle grazing. You’ll have to hire a construction crew to turn the island’s old ruins into a functioning house, but all those cows will keep you company while you wait.


The price: $380,000
The location: Bocas Del Toro, Panama
The size: 0.75 acres
The specs: This Panamanian property may be small, but you’ll quickly fall in love with the colorful hardwood house and its tranquil surroundings. Spot beautiful birds like purple doves, pick delicious fruits like avocados and mangos, and take a dip in the picturesque lagoon while you marvel at the mountain range in the distance and the sunset on the horizon.

The price: $700,000
The location: Nicaragua
The size: 5 acres
The specs: Located 12 miles off the coast from the city of Bluefields, this spot offers stunning views—of the turquoise Caribbean waters, ridiculous sunsets, and native butterflies—and boasts a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom house with in-house butlers and chefs. If you get bored with relaxing, take a jaunt on the boardwalk that circles the entire island.