A woman in England claims she makes nearly $500 a week catching cheating boyfriends online.

Amy Wade, a 28-year-old from Surrey, charges worried women roughly $30 per week to act as a professional online “honey trap,” posing as the new girl in town in order to test a boyfriend’s faithfulness. Wade, who works for a service called Cheatingrat.com, claims she’s had as many as 18 clients in a single week.

“I love being a honey and exposing love cheats,” Wade said. “Some of the rats I talk to are so vulgar and disgusting, it’s really shocking.”

Do not cheat on your girlfriend with this woman (via [Caters](https://www.catersnews.com/stories/real-people/beautiful-woman-exposes-100-cheating-love-rats-on-social-media-after-following-orders-from-paranoid-partners/)).

Do not cheat on your girlfriend with this woman (via Caters).

According to figures from CheatingRat.com, 82 percent of men who were tested by the site’s honey traps were deemed “overly flirty,” while 40 percent asked to meet up with the honey trap in person. Another 22 percent specifically stated that they wanted to meet up for sex, with one boyfriend even offering money.

“I never feel bad about breaking up relationships, clients contact me and they’re usually right to be concerned,” Wade said. “If you don’t trust your man then it’s my job to put your mind at ease.”

Well, that job is about to get a lot harder, considering her name and picture are now all over the Internet. According to the Mirror, women like Amy who work for the site “use their own social media profiles” in order to maintain realism. So Amy’s willingness to share her story with the Internet makes total sense, and this isn’t just a marketing ploy, right? Right? Ugh.

(Source: Mirror, H/T: BroBible)

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