Burning Man 2009 (via [Flickr user Mindaugas Danys](https://www.flickr.com/photos/mindaugasdanys/3952846566)).

Burning Man 2009 (via Flickr user Mindaugas Danys).

Aside from the job security and decent benefits, jobs with the federal government aren’t usually considered the most exciting careers. For every FBI agent and CIA spy, there are hundreds of bureaucratic pencil pushers sitting in cubicles grinding the gears of government.

But a recent job posting on USAJobs.gov caught our eye. At first glance it seems like a standard project manager job. But upon closer inspection it looks like the government is willing to pay someone $69,497.00 to $90,344.00 to help run Burning Man.

Incumbent is to perform as project leader for complex projects such as RMPs, major EIS’s and EA’s and Special Recreation Permits, in particular the Burning Man event, which have a broad scope and often require coordination outside the district organization. Projects are of such scope they require an interdisciplinary team approach to accomplish project objectives. The incumbent maintains a complete overview of the multi-resources activities within the organization. Advises supervisors and managers by suggesting approaches to solve problems. When needed, the incumbent represents multiple districts and possible multiple states.

Boy, that description sounds a lot less sexy than the title: “Project Manager (Burning Man).”

And yes, $70,000 to $90,000 is nothing to sneeze at, but considering you’d be in charge of an event held in a desert with thousands of drug-addled attendees, I image the stress level is pretty high. It’s always much more fun to attend the party than to be in charge of it.

(Source: USAJobs.gov)