Nearly 100 activists marched outside of a federal courthouse in Brooklyn on Thursday to protest arrests related to the male escort site

Shouting slogans such as “Blowjobs, not no jobs” and “Sex work is real work,” the protesters called for the decriminalizing of sex work.

"There’s no reason for our tax dollars to be used this way,” said Janice Thom, director of operations for the National LGBT Task Force. “I don’t feel any safer. These people are not terrorists.”

Others took things one step further, claiming that the federal government was specifically targeting because it catered to homosexuals. Keep in mind, this is the same federal government that just threw this bible thumper in jail for not giving gay couples marriage licences.

“This is an updated, digitized raid just like Stonewall,” said Allen Ruskoff, president of the Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club.

Yeah, it’s just like that. Except it’s not. They’re going after everyone.

A total of seven men were arrested in connection with, including the site’s owner Jeffrey Hurant. Prosecutors claim the site made $10 million over the past five years.

Via his lawyer, Hurant has denied that the site promoted prostitution despite the fact that it was called “RentBoy.” And the fact that people are now viewing his arrest as a galvanizing moment in the fight to legalize prostitution probably won’t help that argument.

(Source: The New York Post, Gothamist)