Anti-abortion protests took place in dozens of cities across the country today, with protesters calling on the federal government to withdraw funding for Planned Parenthood.

The protests come in the wake of two hidden-camera videos that show Planned Parenthood officials negotiating the price of aborted fetus tissue with anti-abortion activists posing as a medical researchers.

Planned Parenthood maintains that the prices mentioned in the video were simply to cover costs and transportation expenses, which is legal, and that the group does not profit from the sale of aborted fetuses. One of the doctors in the video is careful to make that point. The group also claims that the footage has been heavily edited to portray the organization in a negative light.

But there’s no question that the videos have been a public relations disaster for the organization, which has apologized for the tone of the officials in the clips, saying they lacked “compassion.” Yesterday, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, a staunch supporter of Planned Parenthood, called the videos “disturbing.”

“I have seen pictures from them and obviously find them disturbing,” Clinton told the New Hampshire Union Leader. “Planned Parenthood is answering questions and will continue to answer questions.”

However, the candidate reiterated her overall support for the group.

“Planned Parenthood for more than a century has done a lot of really good work for women: cancer screenings, family planning, all kinds of health services,“ Clinton said. "And this raises not questions about Planned Parenthood so much as it raises questions about the whole process, that is, not just involving Planned Parenthood, but many institutions in our country.”

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