Feeling a little down today? All of us deal with varying degrees of grief. Reddit asked their psychologist users to share a few ways we can all stay a little healthier mentally, and we’ve compiled our favorites below. Get help here.

Primarily, don’t be afraid to ask for help if you think that you need it. You can have a disorder and still be mentally healthy; they only become unhealthy if not treated.

Remember you’re more than you give yourself credit for.

Sometimes people get hyper focused on their jobs they begin to feel like their whole life is about sitting behind their desk. Remember you’re also a friend, member of the family, sports fan, etc. There are so many different aspects which make up who we are. It’s important to remember this, especially when one aspect of our life begins to cause us distress. Therefore, it is also important to make time for these parts of who we are.

Avoid the news. News is mostly negative, and when you read a negative headline or story you start creating this scenario in your imagination (similar to when you read a book), which can impact your mood in a negative way.

Have a hobby. When you have a hobby it’s becomes your happy place which always gives you a positive boost mentally. Having a hobby also always gives you something to look forward to. When everything else is going to shit in your life you can at least look forward to that new video game coming in two weeks.

Other than dieting, proper amounts of sleep and generally staying healthy I would say Mindfulness. You don’t have to release your chi or meditate under a waterfall, but basic mindfulness meditation can be really good for your mental health.

Eat healthy, exercise, get a pet. Socialize regularly. Try new activities / learn new skills. Set yourself realistic and specific goals and try to accomplish them.

And finally remember: being happy every second of your life is impossible!

I would say find a good way to process your problems. Don’t just suppress them! Think about it, try to understand what happened, how you reacted to it, and how you feel about it.

Process it outside of your mind as well, write it down, talk about it. It can make all the difference compared to just keeping it inside your head.

Try to understand your emotions. When you are feeling emotional, ask yourself what exactly happened that made you feel that way, ask yourself why it made you feel this way.

Understanding where your emotions came from, and maybe also what their functions are, can make it easier to deal with them.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. For example, if you are married, make sure that everything does not revolve around your SO. Make sure you have your own friends, hobbies, etc. It’s just not healthy to have only one person in your life, and you never know what could happen with your SO (e.g., divorce, death).

Be kinder to yourself. Set the same expectations for yourself as you do for other people. Too often we judge ourselves harsher than the rest of the world, and it ends up making us anxious and/or depressed because we never feel accomplished.

Pat yourself on the back. If you do something, anything, that is hard for you, give yourself credit for having done it. Doesn’t matter if all you did was get out bed. If it was hard, be proud.

Validate yourself. Remind yourself why you are supposed to feel the way you do. Even if your problems don’t seem as big as someone else’s, they matter to you and you’re supposed to feel things. But once you acknowledge you feel something, take care of that feeling. Don’t try to shoo the feeling away. It needs to be cared for.

Find someone you can talk to. If there are people who seem genuinely concerned about you as a person, start sharing small details about your feelings and see if they show they are good listeners. If you don’t have people you think show concern, ask yourself whether you think you know where to find them. If you don’t know where to find them, or don’t feel ready to take that step, find a therapist to be this person until you can find more people in your life to fit the bill.

Invest in yourself. Make time for yourself. Don’t allow yourself to get caught up in being mother, sister, daughter, wife, friend, employee, father, brother, son, husband… and forget to just be you sometimes.

Take up a hobby for no other reason than you enjoy it. Take a class that interests you, just for fun. Volunteer. Read a book. Just spend a little time doing something for the joy of it. I promise, you will be recharged and ready to handle all of those other roles gracefully when you make yourself a priority. You have to put your mask on before you can help those around you.