PT, the “playable teaser” demo that excited the world for a Silent Hill sequel created through a collaboration of Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima and film director Guillermo delo Toro, is gone from this world. Only people who had the good sense to download it to their Playstation 4s before the relationship between Kojima and publisher Konami disintegrated are able to keep playing it.

But PT still exists, thanks to the enterprising efforts of players like YouTuber Ki da, who painstakingly reconstructed the looping hallway of Kojima’s demo in Fallout 4.

In PT, the hallway never ends and you soon come to realize you’re trapped in some kind of evil hell dimension with a scary woman who is probably your dead wife who you murdered. Ki da’s PT manages to replicate the spookiness, if not the deadly ghost haunting, and uses a lot of the original audio from the demo. It might be the creepiest Fallout 4 has ever been.

You can check out how the PT recreation was made in Ki da’s behind the scenes video.

Via VG247