Possibly the best slice of writing ever produced by one Quentin Tarantino is the Pulp Fiction scene in which Jules and Vincent, debt collectors and hitmen for gangster Marsellus Wallace, shake down a nerd for failing to pay up. “They speak English in what?”

Fitting to have the scene play out in Grand Theft Auto V, a game full of gangsters and shootings and characters yelling “motherfucker” at each other. YouTuber Adam Pinkman recreated the scene in the game with the use of the the Rockstar Editor, developer Rockstar’s tool for using GTA to make movies. The scene is sadly devoid of Big Kahuna Burger references or any Bible quotes, but from the description of the video, even this small chunk of awesome too a lot of work for Pinkman to edit into a coherent piece.

You can check out a side-by-side comparison right here. Limitations of GTA V in terms of cinematography and its complete lack of Samuel L. Jackson aside, it’s pretty faithful.

Via VG247