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Exit Clear

Oh, Great - Putin May Soon Have Superhuman Robo-Soldiers

Oh, Great - Putin May Soon Have Superhuman Robo-Soldiers:

Russian media outlets are reporting that Russia’s military is only five years away from having mind-controlled exoskeleton robo-suits. Now, this should be taken with a grain of salt seeing as Russia’s media isn’t the most trustworthy of sources.

The exoskeleton suits are controlled via impulses from the brain, allowing the solider to carry over 600 pounds or gear, jump higher, move heavy objects, and presumably punch a hole through your body.

russian exoskeleton

Of course Putin wants these. Why wouldn’t he?

He’s already a James Bondian-type super villain, so why not keep up that appearance and order an army of super strong robo-bros to do your bidding?

Essentially, Putin wants a bunch of these running around:

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