Qatar doesn’t make much, but when they do, it is something. Unveiled at this year’s Falit Qatar Motor Show, Elibriea is the first sports car that scores the proper title of “Made in Qatar.”

Though it looks like the car runs on nightmares, Elibriea has a cool story behind it. The two-door coupé was designed by former engineering student at Texas A&M at Qatar (TAMUQ) Abdul Wahab Ziaullah, having actually first devised the vehicle years ago.

The carbon fiber-bodied concept car has a GM V6 making 535HP, weighing 2,000 pounds all in all. It isn’t for sale though, nor is it officially set for the road. As Ziaullah tells it, “We would need to adjust its suspension before it got Ministry of Interior approval.”

Ziaullah explained to Doha News why Elibriea’s very existence is a big deal.

“You don’t often hear of things being manufactured in Qatar. We are showing Elibriea to get across the idea of Qatar going into the technical field.

“This is the first machine with moving parts which has been made from scratch in Qatar. It’s a good thing for Qatar and a chance to have some national pride, to show people that we can do this.”

For now, it just leaves the obvious question: Is this transformer for people or against them? To me, it seems pretty up to no good, though I can’t decide if it looks more like a cartoon villain’s car or the actual villain in a cartoon. It’s like someone did up a Twisted Metal mod for Need for Speed. Honestly, this might be The Joker’s new whip in Suicide Squad.