Quentin Tarantino is almost as famous for his encyclopedic knowledge of other people’s movies as he is for making his own. Like Martin Scorsese before him, he just kind of eats, sleeps, and breathes cinema, and that means his work is absolutely jam-packed with references to films he loves.

In the supercut above, we get a look at three minutes’ worth of the best visual references to other movies in Tarantino’s work, and it gives us a quick insight into the very broad range of influences he brings to every film. There’s French New Wave, there’s Hong Kong, there’s ‘70s Exploitation, there’s Spaghetti Westerns, and even The Flintstones make an appearance. Sometimes the references are homages, sometimes they’re direct lifts from other films that Tarantino uses in new ways (i.e., the hood ornament from Death Proof), and sometimes they’re just there because Tarantino loves being playful. Watching it all laid out like this, you get the sense that he just can’t help it. Movies are in his veins.