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Exit Clear

This Guy’s Quest for the Perfect Body Went Horribly Wrong

Every guy wants to get into better shape. There are very few guys who think, “Yeah, this dad bod’s the pinnacle of physical perfection.” But that also doesn’t mean the meathead “Goes to the Gym Four Hours a Day” look is any better. You have to strike a balance between fit and ridiculously overdoing it.

This guy didn’t do that.

A guy named Valdir was tired of being thin and decided to get into shape. This was the result:

Who on earth thinks that looks good?

Everyone online is accusing him of using synthol, an oil people inject into their muscles to make them bigger. Synthol use can lead many healthy probelms such as pulmonary embolisms, nerve damage and strokes. Also you look like the failed experiment of a scientist trying to create the Hulk. You can decide which fate is worse.

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