Ready your butterbeer jokes because you can “Avada Kedavra” your sobriety and get Sorcerer’s Stone-cold wasted with the totally rad, totally unofficial Harry Potter drinking game that is Quidditch Pong (and potentially become increasingly dependent on Harry Potter wordplay as the night goes on).

Harry Potter fans are losing their minds over Quidditch Pong these days and rightfully so, given that the game includes Quidditch hoops, beater bats, and a golden snitch. The wizarding version takes your beloved beer pong and throws out that bogus 40% of the game where you feverishly argue about the house rules—because a divey apartment beyond capacity is the place to bitterly showcase a sweaty set of hard-lined principles, I guess.

Given that fighting is as ingrained in beer pong as it is hockey, though, the crew behind Quidditch Pong were wise enough to write up this disclaimer:

These rules are only our recommendation, you can play however you want! If a rule or procedure is disputed, then either the owner of the Unofficial Quidditch Pong Set or the homeowner (in that order) has final say. If the final say is disliked by the players, accuse the owner of being a Death Eater and do whatever you want. You’re an adult.

There’s also a good chance that Quidditch Pong’s rules will make any Harry Potter fan’s heart explode since each team is awarded unique spells they can cast, depending on which of the four Hogwarts houses they represent.


“Invisibility Cloak” - Use your hands to cover as many cups as possible, leaving at least 1 cup fully exposed.

“Elder Wand” - Your opponent does not get a redemption! When you make all 10 cups, you win.

“Resurrection Stone” - When your opponent makes all 10 cups, and you lose redemption, you get 1 cup back. Your opponent gets to finish their turn, and if your resurrected cup is made, the game is over.


“Avada Kedavra” - Once per game, choose a cup and remove it from the table. (can be used on Resurrection Stone)

“Crucio” - All of your opponents must make trick shots for one round

“Imperio” - Dictate which cup your opponents must make for one round


“Expelliarmus” - Opponent plays without a beater this round

“Confundus” - Opponent has 1 re-rack

“Felix Felicis” - Re-shoot all your team’s made shots from this round


“Accio” - When your team makes a cup, you may bring it to your side

“Wingardium Leviosa” - You may re-rack your opponents cups, but they must stay inside of the original 10 cup triangle

“Room of Requirement” - Re-throw all your missed shots from this round.

Just make sure you only become a Stumbledore and not a Sirius Blackout. Drink and cast spells responsibly, muggles.