Unlike the actual Oregon Trail, the computer game Oregon Trail was a bouncy light-hearted romp, save for the heart-strangling moment you discovered your name didn’t make the list for your crush’s traveling crew. Kids more or less substituted it for a history book in their memory bank, always dreaming of great western skies and wondrous open space with new eyes. But it was terrible.

Sure, that was there for American settlers, traversing the land, but the journey was filled with terrible medicine, lawless kicks, and death—like, soooo much death. Nobody knew what they were doing. What, some banker in the 19th Century was as apt to explore miles and miles of unknown terrain with the know-how of a fur trapper? No way! Anyone who made it to the end should’ve been made a legend, which is actually pretty similar to Oregon Trail. So here’s a video from Vox to remind you the Oregon Trail was way gnarlier than Oregon Trail.