After tackling every job from slinging Frappuccinos to peddling K-Y Jelly on TV, last year Randall Park found himself in the middle of a political crisis that nearly shut down Hollywood. As the guy who plays Kim Jong-un in The Interview, the Korean American actor took the spotlight to defend the controversial film just ahead of the debut of his ABC sitcom, Fresh Off the Boat. Now, with two new comedies, including Netflix’s Wet Hot American Summer series, he’s ready for a breezier leg of his career, free of meddling, militant supreme leaders. “And if I can avoid doing another K-Y Jelly commercial, I’ll be happy,” Park says. “I don’t want to explain that to my parents again.”

Chris McPherson

You’re a newbie in WHAS’s huge cast of returning players, including Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler. Which absurd story line do you intersect?
I interact with Molly Shannon, which says a lot about my character. The series takes place over the course of one day, like the movie did; this time it’s the first day of camp. It’s completely ridiculous. It’s so dumb.

Did you have to wear moose-knuckle shorts?
I did not have to wear the short-shorts, thankfully. If I did, though, they would have been übershort.

You’re also in Amy Schumer’s major film debut, Trainwreck.
Women are putting out the most exciting stuff in comedy right now, and Amy is a genius. In Trainwreck, our boss is played by Tilda Swinton, and let me tell you, she’s almost unrecognizable in this movie as a “real person.” To see her that way was cool but jarring.

Next year we elect a new president. What has playing douchey Minnesota governor Danny Chung on Veep taught you about politics?
It has sharpened my ability to read between the lines and find subtext. But with that, politics now bum me out. It’s too bad people care so much about whether Hillary Clinton tipped at Chipotle, but they eat it up.

Your Kim Jong-un was surprisingly lovable. What other baddie would you like to tackle?
It’d be cool to see an Asian Dracula. We’ve had Blacula but no Asian one. It’s time.

Chris McPherson