When most people think about Range Rovers, they don’t really picture them roving over many ranges. Shuttling spoiled brats out to the Hamptons? Sure. But the perception is that actual off-roading isn’t in the Range Rover’s wheelhouse. That perception, of course, is false. Tackling all kinds of terrain has been part of the brand’s DNA long before it became the default hedge-funder SUV. To prove it, a Range Rover Sport hurtled itself down a ridiculously steep ski slope in the Swiss Alps.

The Inferno downhill takes place each year in the Swiss mountain village of Mürren. At 15 kilometers, it is the longest amateur ski race in the world and features 75% gradients on certain sections of the course. Perfect for a vehicle weighing more than two tons.

To handle the driving, the Range Rover enlisted the help of certified hellman Ben Collins, who is perhaps best known as the “Stig” on the BBC show Top Gear. Collins piloted the Range Rover Sport at speeds up to 96 miles per hour down the 9.2 mile-course, descending more than 7,000 feet in the process.

Just getting to the bottom of the course—a constantly changing landscape of snow, loose rock, mud, and grass—without rolling over would have been an accomplishment. But Collins adopted the “Don’t brake” mantra of skiers who compete in the Inferno and hammered his way down the course, finishing in 21 minutes, 36 seconds.

Range Rover

Range Rover

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