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Exit Clear

Here’s A Snapshot of the Presidential Leaderboard Right Now

Here’s A Snapshot of the Presidential Leaderboard Right Now:

While Donald Trump’s been out creating a political circus, by “firing up the crazies” in the words of John McCain, “The Donald” isn’t even in the top three for the madcap race to the White House.

With 18 candidates bouncing around, it can be hard to tell who’s rising, who’s falling and who’s neutral in their momentum gains and losses. To make things easier, Business Insider ranked the candidates, based on averages from Real Clear Politics.

Here’s a look at the top 10 from the Democratic and Republican fields, ranked according to who has the best shot at kicking up their heels on that oval office desk next year.

10) Mike Huckabee, R, former Arkansas governor - Polling among Republican voters: 6.8% (6th) 

9) Bernie Sanders, D, senator from Vermont - Polling among Democratic voters: 14.3% (2nd)

8) Ted Cruz, R, senator from Texas - Polling among Republican voters: 5.2% (8th)

7) Ben Carson, R, retired neurosurgeon - Polling among Republican voters: 7.6% (5th)

6) Rand Paul, R, senator from Kentucky - Polling among Republican voters: 6.6% (7th)

5) Marco Rubio, R, senator from Florida - Polling among Republican voters: 7.8% (4th)

4) Donald Trump, R, businessman - Polling among Republican voters: 10.8% (2nd)

3) Scott Walker, R, Wisconsin governor - Polling among Republican voters: 9.4% (3rd)

2) Jeb Bush, R, former Florida governor - Polling among Republican voters: 17% (1st)

1) Hillary Clinton, D, former Secretary of State - Polling among Democratic voters: 62.8% (1st)

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