Most of what we know about history is from dusty textbooks taught by boring teachers. But words can’t truly capture the majesty of monumental events. That’s where photography comes in. These rarely seen historical photos will give you a new appreciation for the past.

1. Albert Einstein at Nassau Point in Long Island, New York in 1939

2. Unbroken seal on Tutankhamen’s Tomb, 3,245 years untouched in 1922

3. Utility worker giving mouth-to-mouth to co-worker who touched a high voltage wire in 1967

4. Single man refuses to join in Nazi salute in 1936

5. First morning after Sweden switched to driving on the right side of the road in 1967

6. Austrian boy getting a new pair of shoes during World War II

7. Soldier in Vietnam, 1965

8. 106-year-old Armenian woman defending her house in 1990

9. Animals being used in medical therapy in 1956

10. Katherine Switzer became the first woman to finish the Boston Marathon in 1967, even with organizers trying to stop her since women were not allowed to run at the time

11. Last known photo of the Titanic

12. Nikola Tesla in his laboratory with his “Magnifying Transmitter”

13. Catholic woman and her protestant husband buried together in Holland, 1888

14. Painting the Eiffel Tower in 1932

15. A grotto in an iceberg observed during the British Antarctic Expedition in 1911

(Via ViralNova)