The extended footage of Ray Rice cold-cocking then-fiancé Janay Palmer in a casino elevator posted by TMZ yesterday elicited swift and somewhat predictable responses, with the majority of the sane world condemning the running back through words and actions.

The Baltimore Ravens upped Rice’s two-game hiatus to a full-blown termination, the NFL handed him an indefinite suspension and EA announced that Rice’s virtual persona would be removed from Madden NFL ‘15 by the end of the week.

Of course, there were a few holdouts that felt the fallout was disproportional to what had transpired. For MTV’s Fantasy Factory “star” Big Black, Rice’s violent attack on Palmer was little cause for concern, tweeting that “She married him move on” and “Had she hired Mayweather’s ex attorney & stood her ground this would be news but she didn’t she supported & married him.”

And he wasn’t the only one with the “mind your own business” mindset. Rice’s wife took to Instagram to let world know that she stood by her man. In the post she defended Ray and blamed the media for causing their problems saying “No one knows the pain that the media & unwanted opinions from the public has caused my family.”

But more curious still is a third camp that somehow took a disturbing incident of domestic violence as a cue to bust out their comedy chops.

Salon Columnist CJ Werleman

First there was Salon op-ed columnist, CJ Werleman whose attempt at pithy humor only proved that Twitter needs a “crickets” button. In response to the controversy, Werleman tweeted:

“If Ray Rice continues to treat women like that, he’ll end up running the Hobby Lobby.”

Is this even a joke? We get that Hobby Lobby has some backward policies, but the connection between knocking someone out cold and denying them prescription coverage seems tenuous at best. Also it’s not really funny. Our advice to Werleman, stick to the safety of simple twitter joke formats before you attempt the more esoteric stuff. Let us know your spirit animal, or bust out the “said no one ever” tagline. It’s difficult to weave sensitive issues, personal political agendas and comedy into 140 characters. You need to walk before you can run. Baby steps. Trust us on this one.

City Councilman Todd Grayson

Moving along to a public official who should know better, Perrysburg, Ohio Councilman Todd Grayson used his Facebook page for some lighthearted banter about seeing another human being assaulted and rendered unconscious.

“Maybe she should stop running into his fist! That really wasn’t nice. He could have injured his hand on her sharp face and ruined his career. That was a close one!”

Dude, you’re an elected official, it’s your job to make people like you. Don’t mess that up with some hackneyed attempt at edgy sarcasm.

Fox and Friends

While often cited for playing fast and loose with concept of news reporting, Fox & Friends took things a step further and used the details of the violent assault as a springboard to turn their news show into a veritable chuckle factory. After brief rundown of the events, co-host Brian Kilmeade quipped:

“I think the message is, take the stairs.”

Not to be outshined by his co-worker’s off the cuff remark, Steve Doocy responded,

“The message is when you’re in an elevator, there’s a camera.”

Hey guys, let’s leave the comedy to the comedians.

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