17 years ago, Finnish telecom giant Nokia released the 3310, a solid brick of a mobile phone that was small enough to fit in a pocket, solid enough to survive multiple falls on city streets and reliable enough to last more than a day on a single battery charge.

Try and achieve that with your iPhone, go ahead.

It’s that kind of nostalgia for the cellular stalwart that Nokia is bringing the legendary phone back, as announced this week at the Mobile World Congress in Spain.

And phone nerds are flipping the fuck out.

If you don’t remember the Nokia 3310, think of it like the Kieth Richards of mobile phones: solid, lasts forever and still rocks like a teenager. You’ve seen it before, and you’ve heard it whether you wanted to or not. It was also super basic: no operating system to update, no glass screen to crack and no flippin’ headphone port to grouse about.

It also had Snake, a super-simple game in which you maneuver a line that grows in length as you chase a dot around the screen until you’ve grown too long and bump into yourself. The game has become a cult favorite, still garnering YouTube “perfect runs” and dozens of clones. It was Candy Crush before Candy Crush was Candy Crush.

If you’re not convinced yet, you never will be. However, if you are one of us, you’ll be able to grab the rekindled 3310 for about $60 (59 Euros) this spring.