Just when you think you might have fought off your last stormtrooper, you find your windpipe once again being crushed by the invisible energy field that surrounds us, penetrates us and binds the universe together—the Force.

Bummer. Should have stayed on your toes, Rebel scum.

That’s the pivotal moment of the Star Wars: Battlefront demo Electronic Arts showed during its E3 2015 press conference this week, giving players a look at the game in action during a recreation of the Battle of Hoth. Like the previous Battlefront titles, this one’s all about big battles with authentic Star Wars gear, vehicles and locations. Oh, and the occasional Jedi shows up to wreck things as well.

There wasn’t anything in the the Battlefront demo that hadn’t already been revealed—except maybe Luke Skywalker standing in Vader’s path to utter Rebel destruction—but developer DICE’s new game is at least looking pretty slick.

And we know that Vader can choke out his enemies with the Force, but he wouldn’t be Vader unless he could also execute his allies for failing him as well. Looking at you, guy at the bottom of the leaderboard.