You’ll find a pretty close replica of The Flintstones house in Hillsborough, California, except the exterior of the real life version sort of resembles something assembled out of dried up Playdough. Asking for $3.78M, the Bay Area home went on the market last fall for the first time in 19 years with several very interested buyers.

The home has drawn in tourists and travelers from all over to the hillside residence, and it even pissed off one neighbor so bad they founded an “architectural review board” to keep out experimental architecture.

I know, I can’t exactly figure it out either.

But before you judge the three-bedroom, two-bathroom oddity built by architect William Nicholson back in 1976, you really need to check out its well-decorated interior. The series of multi-colored sprawling blobs might distract you from the fact that its inside design is actually pretty cool.

H/T Curbed San Francisco

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