What began as a currency for the more degenerate aspects of internet society, the libertarian wet-dream of bitcoin has become more of a mainstream source of income over the years.

According to CNBC, Bitcoin hit a trading high today, with some trades going up to $2,251.61.

Apparently there is rising demand and interest in the currency. Due to Japanese and Chinese investor demand, the currency skyrocketed past the $2,000 mark over the weekend. Now, if you had spent a meager $100 on the underdog currency during the 2010-Hanyecz-era of Bitcoin, you would possess almost $75 million today.

Many factors contribute to this reality, like Japan passing legislation that allows stores to begin accepting Bitcoin as legal currency. This has boosted the yen-bitcoin exchange, and yen-based transactions take up 40 percent of Bitcoin purchases. A perceived chasm of disagreement on the future of the currency has been bridged, creating a more stable perception of the currency than previously.

This news comes on the seven year anniversary of Bitcoin Pizza Day. For those who find digital culture rightfully surreal and don’t know what that is, Bitcoin pizza day marks the day Laszlo Hanyecz doled out 10,000 bitcoins on two Papa John’s pizzas.

In today’s Bitcoin value, that essentially means Laszlo can claim he spent $22.5 million on two pizzas. At the time Hanyecz made the decision, the value of the Bitcoins he possessed were roughly worth 0.003 cents.

It’s safe to say that Bitcoin has far surpassed it’s Silk Road reputation.