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Exit Clear

The Reaper Himself Wields Double Shotguns in ‘Overwatch’

Who doesn’t want to cook online fools as a dual-wielding grim reaper, a six-armed cyborg monk or an intelligent, Beast-like talking gorilla?

That’s what’ll be on offer in Overwatch, the PC multiplayer first-person shooter being cooked up by ubiquitous World of Warcraft and StarCraft developer Blizzard.

The game was announced at last year’s Blizzcon, the fan convention the developer puts on every year, and it turns out that Overwatch is an absolute blast to play. Lately, Blizzard has been introducing players to the game’s many characters—each of whom plays differently from all the others—with big gameplay videos like the one above.

It seems there’ll be something for everyone in Overwatch, and the early builds suggest Blizzard will make money with the game by selling new characters over time. Overwatch headed to open beta this fall and is totally worth a signup.

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