2011, when Rebecca Black released her viral hit “Friday,” was a very different internet. Things were leaner then, nastier. People had time to listen to a four-minute song for the sole purpose of mocking it. That’s, like, 40 Vines (RIP). Black herself seems to have developed a little bit of a sense of humor about the furor, though it’s kind of unimaginable what that level of online disdain would do to a teenage girl’s sense of self-worth.

Her newest single, “Foolish,” was released Friday. And – guess what? – it’s kind of good. It’s not like a certified banger or anything, but you definitely aren’t turning it off at a party. Black seems to have evolved into something of a mid-range EDM singer that can reasonably carry a track. Improvement! We’ll probably never see her have another “hit” like “Friday,” but it’s good to know, just on a personal level, that even the woman who sang “Friday” can bounce back into a nice career in the music industry. Who saw that coming? Not us.

Black’s return to music has been years in the making. She became a popular vlogger, building a fanbase that sewed the seeds for her comeback.

“I spent so many years of my teenage life growing up and thinking about, ‘How am I going to prove these people wrong?’ But at the end of the day, anyone who is trying to prove anyone else wrong is doing a disservice to themselves, because it becomes about the other person, and not about yourself,” she told Time. “I’m just doing me at this point. I think if there’s anything to say to anyone, it’s that I’m so excited for people to get to know me, whether they like it or not.”

Watch the video for “Foolish” above.