It’s hard to say whether your marriage will flourish greatly, end in disastrous divorce, or be great in your eyes while your partner is plotting to snuff you out with their pillow. Is happiness directly related to being married? Read these stories posted by Reddit users and decide for yourself. Extra depressing stories found here.

Not too bad. We have two kids now.

I mean, if I’m being honest, I don’t really like anyone. But she’s probably the only person I could spend the rest of my life with and not want to kill. Funny too because we actually share very few interests. We like vastly different music, television and movies. We have opposite personalities. She’s an extrovert, I’m an introvert, etc.

I probably could have been happy being a lifelong bachelor but I just know I would have turned into a giant weirdo. My idiosyncrasies would have surely evolved into full-blown eccentricities by this point without her in my life.

Pretty good. Turns out we grew into the people each other needed, and are the happiest couple you’ve ever met in your entire life. I love her with all my heart, and couldn’t imagine my life without her.

I’m definitely that guy, even thought of it leading up the wedding like WHAT AM I DOING? ALL BECAUSE I DIDN’T HAVE THE BALLS TO BREAK UP WITH HER?

Then Bam. Pregnant on wedding night.

Now we have 2 kids, super happily married, and realized the reasons I wanted to break up with her were all really stupid, which makes sense, because generally I’m pretty stupid. She’s the only person that can tolerate my personality full time, and keeps me from my constant natural inclinations to be a fuck up.

Pretty great, surprisingly. Turns out things get better when you stop the cycle of being assholes to each other for no reason.

Two kids and divorced.

Poorly… We fight a lot and it affects me in so many aspects of my life (I see a lot of that in these comments). I find myself constantly looking back at our dating history and all the times I tried to break things off but she talked me out of it, including twice while we were engaged. It’s just coming up to our first year but I’m thinking of divorce already (no kids in the picture). Sorry for the sad story, hopefully things are better next year!

I was dating my now wife, and I was a fucking mess. Drinking a lot, depressed, schlepping my way through life. I had a cycle (1) find a great women (just to be clear, there are TONS of great women out there if you look at personality and brains before looks). (2) fall in love. (3) become emotionally unavailable, depressed, drink too much, and leave.

One night, I got arrested for being drunk and in the wrong place. My fault for being drunk. So, I spent the night in jail. I had hit bottom. My girlfriend spent the whole night looking for me, and I called her as soon as I was released.

She picked me up, gave me a hug and kiss, took me home, and put me to bed. Not a mean word, just kindness and compassion. Coming from a family where these words don’t exist, I was astounded that people could act like this to someone who acted so stupidly. I woke up, and she took me to get ice cream, and told me that she would be there for me through the whole process (court date, fines etc). She stood by for the whole thing.

I got sober, went on antidepressants, and asked her to marry me. I have never been so happy in my life. We were married last week.

My wife and I almost certainly would have broken up if she hadn’t become pregnant when we first started going out. She had severe issues with depression and was very manic, both up and down. When we first started seeing each other I thought it was a fling but then she got pregnant and we decided that we would have an abortion.

Once that decision was made I resolved that I would help her psychologically for as long as I was needed. Things got really bad for a while but over time she was able to defeat some of her demons, all from prior to the abortion, neither of us have ever regretted that, and we were married a few years ago. Life is now great. The depression rears its head every now and then but we both recognize the symptoms and act to head it off before it descends too far. The stigma of mental health is the biggest issue as my wife still feels embarrassed and ashamed a lot and has very low self esteem but we work every day to be a unit and face these things together.

Divorced. She packed up and left while I was visiting family out of state. Took the dog, all my belongings, emptied out my accounts, and pretty much disappeared. Found out a few months later she was having an affair. Oh well, better for it now.

He threatened to kill himself if he left, so I didn’t, and we got married.

Then he threatened to kill himself if I divorced him, so I left. Not because I wanted him to do it - and believe me, I desperately want to turn this into a great joke. But because it suddenly was clear to me that I was in for AN ENTIRE FUCKING LIFETIME OF BEING AFRAID.

So fuck that. I walked. And he’s still alive.

Great, actually. He’s a wonderful husband and balances me out with his steadfast caring and happy equilibrium. I’m glad we got married.

Divorced two years ago on Christmas Eve. Best gift I ever gave or received.

Good. I never really wanted to break up, but I didn’t think i knew what love was. She was my first girlfriend. We had fun. Maybe it should have ended when college ended, it felt like a natural ending. But she bawled that she loved me so much, we carried on, long distance.

Maybe I thought I’d never get anyone else? Maybe I loved her. I wasn’t sure. Things just sort of happened. We moved in together and life went on. She started talking about marriage. I was terrified but went along. She started talking about kids. I was terrified but went along.

That was over 10 years ago. Married, 2 gorgeous kids, totally in love. We take couples holidays, we fill the walls with printed selfies and funny pics. We don’t always have sex constantly. We don’t always buy each other gifts. We don’t stop telling each other that we saw a really hot girl/guy on the train today. Turns out love is just being happy around someone. Forgiving their faults. It won’t always be the same as that first 6 months, and it doesn’t have to be.

I’m totally in love. I think I was all along.