There are some awful options for vehicles in this world, but none quite compare to the PT Cruiser. What a terrible idea for a car. However if you’re a teenager, freedom comes with any set of wheels. Reddit wanted to know what possessed their users into owning such a strange automobile and we’ve found some real gems.

The only thing I wanted when I was a young teenager was a Mini Cooper. I loved those fucking cars, I’d watch the remake of The Italian Job many times. On my 16th birthday my father told me that he had gotten me one of those cars I loved so much. I was beyond ecstatic, I was the happiest teenager in the world. A short bit later and a PT Cruiser is unveiled… Somehow my father had gotten them confused, he had thought that the PT Cruiser was the car I was dreaming about. After a brief moment of complete heartbreak I realized that while this wasn’t a Mini Cooper it was still a car given to me on my sixteenth birthday and that I was incredibly lucky to have it. I got over the disappointment, thanked my father, and drove the shit out of that PT Cruiser.

It wasn’t what I wanted but I was lucky to have it, it got me from place to place and could fit me + three friends and backpacks etc. It got the job done.

Won the stupid Showcase Showdown.

Confession time: When I was little, the PT Cruiser was my dream car…I had posters everywhere and everything, the dark purple with flames, I had probably ten miniature PT Cruisers of all shapes and sizes…I still cringe.

When I got my first job my parents were so happy that they offered to help me buy a used car. The PT Cruiser was the cheapest on the lot- but in really good shape. I had it for 8 years—lost it in a flood (Sandy). It was a good car and was an embarrassing car but it was paid off and always reminded me of how kind and happy my parents were when they helped me get it.

My mother owned her PT Cruiser for about six months before selling the thing. She was so excited to own a sleek new car until she found out it was a piece of shit. Hers was a brown-ish color, and her co-workers called it the penis-mobile

My dad graduated high school in 1951 and had a deep love for cars from the 40’s and 50’s. Always bought old decaying cars to fix up that he never finished before selling it to buy another old decaying car to fix up.

When the PT cruiser was originally unveiled as a concept car in the mid-90’s he loved it. The first car in decades to have anything resembling the body style of the cars of his youth. He had a framed picture of a PT Cruiser on the living room wall, and shelves with models. When they made it into a production model, He planned on buying one when he retired.

Before he had the chance, he got brain cancer and was gone in a year’s time. A few months later, my frail, tiny, non-car-loving mom bought a PT Cruiser with the works.

I was 17 and my parents were nice enough to purchase a car for me. My dad is one of those who will only purchase a car from a certain place so I was limited to a few options. The car I really wanted had been purchased THAT day so I was left with two choices… A blue PT Cruiser with really girly white trim that the dealership added or an ugly as sin burnt orange PT Cruiser. Yes my only options were two PT Cruisers. So I chose the lesser of two evils and got the navy blue one. I’m a girl so the white trim wasn’t so bad.

I was bummed about it at first but I actually ended up loving that car. It was surprisingly roomy and had four cup holders for all of your cup holding needs. Plus it sat high off the ground and was small, which I liked. Plus everyone knew me because of my car which was awesome for a high school kid. I drove it for about 8 years and never had any problems.

Mine was gifted to me by my grandparents. It wasn’t my birthday and they didn’t already own it. It was used, 2 years old. I had no idea I was getting a car. Me and my mom had been sharing her 10-year-old minivan. One day I was at their house and Papa walked me to the garage and opened the door. I flipped out, cried, thanked him profusely.

I was a 17-year-old girl, I had no idea that there was a stigma behind them, I thought, and still think it’s a very cute car and it hasn’t given me any sort of mechanical trouble yet, it’s a 2009. I’m extremely grateful to have him. His name is Perry.

One of my friends got his from his recently deceased grandmother.

This is probably the case 50% of the time.

I thought it would be funny. People would be like haha look at that loser driving that stupid friggin car and then I’d get out and they’d be like nevermind that’s a pretty cool guy. Nobody says that. They just laugh. I haven’t got laid in a long time. I hate everything. I hope it explodes while I’m driving it.

When I was in high school my grandfather gifted me a PT for my birthday so I didn’t have to keep borrowing my dad’s car. It was a white one with wood paneling complete with spinners. As lame as that car sounds, I was just super grateful to have a car of my own, plus the looks people would give me were priceless. When I still had the spinners on them (I didn’t want to hurt my grandpa’s feelings by taking them off) people would actually point and laugh at my car, which made me laugh in return. My friends deemed it the shaggin’ wagon because it’s lameness was almost awesome in a way.

I wanted a convertible that looked like a bathtub on wheels when the top was down.