Out of all the crazy news this past week, nothing quite captured the country’s attention like this romper made just for dudes.

I’m already on the record saying I would very much like to wear the RompHim this summer because it’s fun and dumb and who gives a shit. I had hoped the hoopla would die down, but now Reebok has entered the male romper game, ensuring at least another week’s worth of all romper, all the time conversation.

Yesterday the athletic apparel titan announced plans to release its own romper, called—what else—the ReeRomp. Per the company, it’s a “fashionable and functional one-piece outfit made from Reebok’s signature ‘ACTIVChill’ material, strictly with the active man in mind.’ You know who else Reebok has in mind? Bros. As in the same bros who have already pledged almost $300,000 to the original $10,000 RompHim Kickstarter campaign.

Reebok says the ReeRomp is “built for bros” and “100 percent bro,” which, coupled with the fact that there’s no way to actually buy this thing yet (despite the $89 price tag), suggests it’s probably, almost definitely fake, but who can say for sure? According to Reebok’s website, the one-piece silhouette is available in 30 days, and you can sign up to receive updates when it’s ready for the masses.

I’ll believe the ReeRomp exists when I see it in the flesh, or preferably when I drape it over my body after throwing my other RompHim in the wash. Summer of rompers, baby.