Shaquille O’Neal is a national treasure. Besides being one of the most elite centers the NBA has ever seen, the Hall-of-Fame big man also boasted the best extracurriculars of any of his 1990s peers. For starters, there was Kazaam, the ‘96 box-office bomb in which Shaq starred as a genie. Record execs also inexplicably let him cut four (!) rap albums during the Clinton era, including the platinum Shaq Diesel and the gold Shaq Fu: Da Return. (The fact that there’s a “Shaquille O’Neal Discography” page on Wikipedia brings me endless joy.) He is also a DJ, and goes by DJ Diesel.

I would argue that Shaq also had the finest non-Air Jordan kicks of the ‘90s: the Shaq Attaqs. In 1992, Reebok released these Orlando Magic blue silhouettes with Pumps on the tongues, and amateur hoopers ate ‘em up over the next decade. (Legend has it that shortly before he entered the Association, the incoming rookie visited Nike’s campus to meet Shoe Dog Phil Knight draped in Reebok gear from head to toe.)



So I’m pretty Pumped—you know, like the groundbreaking tech from back in the day—to report that the Shaq Attaqs are back. To commemorate the shoes’ 25th anniversary, Reebok just unveiled the Shaq Attaq Moderns, which now come in yellow with a black stripe in the middle. (The colorway is apparently an homage to Shaq Fu, the baller’s ‘94 streetfighting video game.)

The 2017 Attaqs also use woven mesh instead of leather, making them lighter than the originals. But fear not: The Pump is still present.

Snag a pair now for $160 at the Reebok Store, and watch the Big Daddy play pickup in the new kicks below:


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