For every new show that makes it to the air this television season, there are many that aren’t as fortunate. Here’s a glance of some very real shows that, for some reason or another, didn’t make the cut.

“How to Actually Get Away with Murder”
Capitalizing on the similarly-titled ABC drama, this docu-series showed viewers how they could literally get away with killing another person. Execs were keen on the idea until their legal department talked them out of it.

Hot on the heals of “Empire,” this hour-long Fox drama would have taken viewers into the sultry world of baseball umpires. Fox rejected it on account the sheer number of beer bellies and cigar smoking.

“Undercover Cross”
Jumping on the Pope Francis fandom, this reality show would have had the Holy Father in a goofy disguise as he pranked unsuspecting people around the globe. The idea never got past the planning stages after Vatican officials never returned network executive’s calls.

“Survivor: Yes, We’re Still On”
This new installment of “Survivor” would have reminded viewers that yes, the father of the reality competition show is still broadcasting new episodes.

“59 Minutes”
An abbreviated version of “60 Minutes” for today’s fast-paced world.

“Two and a Half Men, One Cup”
A racy spin-off to the hit sitcom, this idea was squashed instantly after it was proposed.

“America’s Next Top Squirrel”
A combination wilderness and reality show, “America’s Next Top Squirrel” would have chosen the absolute hottest bushy-tailed rodent in the land.

“The Metalist”
Judging by the wild popularity of “The Mentalist,” CBS originally hoped viewers wouldn’t realize that this was a totally different show about a metal worker while perusing the TV listings.

“Minority Report”
This TV version of the 2002 movie of the same name would have starred “That 70s Show” alum Wilmer Valderrama… Wait. This actually made it? Oh boy.

“Dancing with the SARS”
This proposed pilot centered around a high-stakes dancing competition where all of the participants have the SARS viral respiratory disease.

“Mediocre Time with Neil Patrick Harris”
The original iteration of Harris’ “Best Time Ever” show just wouldn’t have been as great.

“Storage Wars: Nights”
This spin-off of A&E’s “Storage Wars” would have turned the darkness levels up to 11.

“Man vs. Wild N’Out”
This pilot had Nick Cannon dropped in the middle of a forest. Can he rap battle his way out of getting eaten by a bear?

From the creators of “NOVA,” this was the thoughtful PBS series about Jay-Z that no one was waiting for.

“Law and Order: Police Brutality Unit”
Using real headlines as the basis of stories, this drama would have lasted for dozens upon dozens of seasons if it was picked up.

“F*ck Dynasty”
When the sun goes down, duck’s libidos go up.

“Orange Is the New Black List”
It combined the two hottest shows in television today. The only problem was that it made zero sense.

The original version of the new CBS show “Limitless” wasn’t so, well, limitless.

“Trust the Walking Dead”
There’s nothing to be afraid of. And that’s exactly why this proposed drama didn’t work.

“Hillary’s Emails”
This show about Presidential contender Hilary Clinton’s emails would have focused on REDACTED, REDACTED, and even REDACTED. Perhaps the biggest shock of the pilot was that she once REDACTED.