Sad news, everyone: Apparently no amount of ridiculous photo forensics were able to determine definitively that both of those supposedly leaked photos of Nintendo’s next controller were actually fakes.

The photos purported to show the controller that’ll accompany Nintendo’s next console, codenamed the “NX.” They followed another photo last week that showed basically the same controller. Both were hoaxes, but the two hoaxers weren’t in contact with each other, according to a report from Polygon. And both images were made in different ways.

The first fake, from Redditor David Im, also known as Idriss2Dev, was created with 3D modeling software and Photoshop and appeared last week. It had a quite a few red flags that made gamers think it could be a hoax, but without definitive proof, it was hard to be sure—until Im released the video above to confirm it.

And then this week, another pair of images “leaked” that also had the controller from the original leak, and in clearer photos that looked a lot more real. That one, created by Redditor Frank Sandvist, also known as perkele23, tripped up the internet by looking pretty damn authentic—because it wasn’t Photoshop at all, but rather a 3D printed mockup.

The whole thing kicked the gaming community into a tizzy as users tried to determine if the controllers were a hoax, mostly because everyone hated their designs. So the good news is, those uncomfortable-looking screen controllers aren’t real. The bad news is, a bunch of people spent about a day looking really closely at a reflection of a tree for pretty much no reason.