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Rejoice, the Low-Cal Donut Store is Dead

Rejoice, the Low-Cal Donut Store is Dead: Holey Donuts

Holey Donuts

DNAInfo brings us a sweet ending to a sad story. Holey Donuts, a high-concept gourmet donut shop that only offered low-calorie donuts, has gone bankrupt in just under a year of operating. The threat of a national chain of dumbed-down donuts is over!

Holey Donuts

Holey Donuts

Eater NY noticed the shop’s closing in May, but it looks like the final fat-free nail has been pounded into this abomination’s flavorless coffin.

A notice from the City Marshal posted in the storefront window and dated May 5 indicates the landlord of 101 Seventh Avenue South is suing the low-fat, low-calorie donut company.

Frank Dilullo, CEO of Holey Donuts, told the New York Business Journal last year that “If you select the right tasting and fillings, you avoid the fat,” but it seems that despite whatever alchemy of tasty fillings Frank was punching a hole and serving like it was a real donut, New Yorkers weren’t having it.

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