One of the precursors to the modern shooter as we know it, System Shock, is getting an update from the frankly horrific 3D graphics of the 1990s, with new visuals that are horrific for different reasons.

Developer Night Dive Studios is updating the classic PC sci-fi title with modern visuals after more than 20 years, and in the trailer above, you can get a sense of what it’ll be like to adventure through a ruined space station controlled by an evil computer.

System Shock is a bit of a landmark title, because it gave rise to games like System Shock 2 and the BioShock series, all of which have had a pretty major influence on similar games ever since. System Shock mixed shooting in with elements from other genres, like puzzles and character progression, as well as the ability to pick your own path through the station. It’s an important piece of gaming history, but up until now it’s been a bit hard to replay since its once-state-of-the-art graphics are now ugly as sin compared to modern games.

So the good news is, early footage of System Shock looks pretty easy on the eyes, and Night Dive Studios plans other little improvements that’ll help make the game fun to play for your modern video gaming whippersnapper.